Never have billed myself as an ‘authority on kids.’  But if ‘quality’ is at all determined by ‘quantity of time spent together,’ I would have to admit I have a thing or two to share.

Spending 180 full days and nights with three of my four boys as we visited 32 foreign countries, fast-tracked me through the ‘school of motherhood,’ level 2.  (Level 3, ‘the advanced teen-aged years” I like to refer to as “The Game of Thrones.”  But we’ll discuss that another time.)

There are times when we don’t know what to do with our kids.  There is no letter of explanation accompanying each child, but every mom knows the importance of ‘paying attention to the signs.’  They are useful tools for instructing and directing your kids:

curve.pngRemind them there will be problems.

do not enter.png   Give them boundaries.

detour.pngSometimes, they just need a good ‘re-routing’

When you see the signs of boredom, anticipate a rough road ahead.  Don’t hand them a screen and send them to a quiet place.  “Time Out” is every Level 2 kid’s dream.   Challenge them.  Give them a good detour – something that will broaden their minds and hopefully help somebody along the way.  Your job as a parent is never easy.  Think “Cruise Director on the Titanic.”  But if you teach them respect for the signs,   maybe one day, they will feel obliged to pay attention to your sign:



One thought on “Signs

  1. Dawn, rising light of God. You listen, are wise, and act out of experienced gratitude. Your writing, content and style, is glorious!


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