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Theme Park Mentality

A National Park Ranger shared some interesting questions he has been asked by tourists,  regarding the Grand Canyon:

  1. “Is the Grand Canyon human made?”
  2. “What time do you feed the animals?”
  3. “When do you turn on the waterfalls?”

Have we groomed our children for ‘theme-park mentality?’

If so, adventure takes another hit.

When we chose a 180-day world adventure,  we knew there would be loads of challenges.  Studying helped equip us with some necessary strategies: forewarned is forearmed.  But ‘Adventure on schedule’ is always watered down ‘adventure.’

Some things were knew for certain that, unlike Epcot:  there was no ‘walking bridge’ over to “China World,” if the lines to Morocco,  were too long. If someone made a mess on the streets of China, there was no “park cleaning service” to clean it up.  If your ‘ride’ broke down, you walked.  There might be fireworks at night; there might not.  If you don’t like Chinese food, you cannot just jump on the monorail to find a quick burger.

Some of the most wonderful moments come from a family adventure when we relax our grip on time.  Nature doesn’t run a tight schedule.  Wandering is a direction and within a few guidelines, your family can make wonderful memories exploring.

If one of our beautiful National Parks is your summer destination for  AWE (Adventure With Engagement),  remember, any great adventure  requires common sense.    If you don’t keep your wits sharp, you may end up in some difficult situations.  Be patient.  You will figure it out!

Oh, and one more thing:

When you are in a National Park, if you are approached by a big guy in a cuddly bear costume, don’t grab your phone and snuggle up for a ‘selfie.’  Run away!  It’s not a costume!!


One thought on “Theme Park Mentality

  1. DaWn
    You have nailed one of the deepest problems with the church, and Jesus has protested to no avail:

    Adventure with schedule

    nicetouch, sistersuperior



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