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Summer vacation

For months your kids have been telling you they cannot WAIT till summer vacation.  And now, they are complaining:  “I’m bored.”  This of course, is your fault.  You know this because they remind you of each family they know that is doing something fabulous every moment.  And  you are not.   Summer vacation: it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times.  Take a moment to stop and smell the Chlorine.  And remember . . . .

jpg quote.jpg

And when your kids get older and have children of their own, pass it on!   Remember, AWE, Adventure with Engagement, includes you!


One thought on “Summer vacation

  1. Dawnbreakingthrough,
    Read my last post with the Alanis M. lyric “You Learn” (1996). Because you have drunk the dregs of every emotional experience, and come back from the darkness bringing light to us we would not know any other way!
    You are the wandering chef serving a moveable feast to friends and strangers alike.
    with love, and gratitude for the grub!


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