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From this day forward

That’s how you should live everyday!  But those words are generally reserved for the day you are married.  From then on, they are only used when you are angry, usually followed by some sort of mandate:

From this day forward , you will not flush paper towels down the toilet.

From this day forward, you will not hide Cheetos in your room.

From this day forward, we will pay cash for everything.

The best resolutions involve the pursuit of happiness and don’t necessarily have to be reserved for the wedding or New Year’s Eve.  Families should make new resolutions on a regular basis.Not that the old one’s aren’t any good – but things change:  we make mistakes, reassess the situation and make new plans.

Ron and I made a resolution after we were married:  We would share our joy of travel with our children.  After school, I had gotten bitten by the wanderlust bug, and had little difficulty sharing my enthusiasm with Ron.  Once Ryan and Tyler joined the family, we adjusted and kept right on going.   But then tragedy struck, and from this day forward seemed to be cursed with warnings.   We didn’t want to take any chances with Tyler or his two little brothers, Trenton and Colton.  From that day forward, we lived as close to home as possible, sheltering and guarding our remaining treasures.

But as they will, sweet memories slipped back in; we remembered  how much Ryan had loved these adventures – how he had always carried his prized Pokemon Backpack with him.  And we started again with a new from this day forward. 

 And forward we went!  Ron, the boys and I were on a mission.  We studied other countries,  the cultures, the economics,  foods, highlights and lowlights and let the kids make some very important decisions about where we would go.

From this day forward include your family members as you build your dreams.  You are building memories right now – from this day forward.

Talk soon, Dawn

2 thoughts on “From this day forward

  1. Your stuff is so fully human (rare, these days). No smoke and mirrors. Spilled blood and guts. Since the word EDUCATION means “to draw out the truth that is already there” you are touching our deepest intuition. Our knowings.
    Like: “I’ve always thought that, I just hadn’t put it into words!”
    The whole idea of “learning on the road” is exactly the way Jesus’ taught. (not bad, not bad at all).
    When I shut my computer down the lesson is still percolating.
    God, Dawn, this is bread!


  2. You are right, my man, never thought of ‘road schooling’ in that light. I was enduring it, Jesus was thriving on it. Need to rethink that one..


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