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People ask us “Which of your sons is most like Ryan?”The answer is difficult, because each of the four treasures God has given us is different.   Like snowflakes, there are no two alike.  With great joy, we watched each of our sons evolve during this world trip.

Education and individual growth becomes a challenge when you insist on strict Road School as we did.  Each boy learned at a different pace, in a different way and at a different level. Everybody crowded together in the Hirn School Room du jour,  for lessons part of each day.    But the rest of the time we took life’s lessons on the road.  We shared our own observations with each other, and we practiced one of the most important educational lessons of all:  the art of listening!

There are Hirn House Rules:  We all knew there was no such thing as a dumb question or a dumb answer.  We became each other’s best friends, teachers and advocates.  We stuck together, learned together, argued together, cried together, comforted each other and grew together.

Road Schooling is tough.     A teacher must always stay ahead of the student – or at least give the illusion of staying ahead.   But, tactically, isn’t that the job of the parent too?

We all hope for great things from our kids.  But don’t overlook the ‘now’ – Treasure  time with them as they observe, process  information, interact with strangers, and adapt to cultural differences and lifestyles.  They are constantly evolving!

Everything evolves – caterpillars become butterflies, buds become flowers.  But then again, evolution must exclude moms.  After all we have been through,  we still have only two hands and one set of eyes.

Talk soon!


5 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Holy mojo, Dawn, your writing is so here&now, and timeless. Here is what I learned today from reading your Godventures: “If you write from the heart it goes to the heart.”


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