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the slopes

This week, the Hirn Fam hit the slopes in Colorado.  Refreshing. Invigorating!  Cold!!!  At least one of the Hirn crew didn’t think this was a particularly good idea.  He said “it didn’t sound like any fun at all,” which is kid-code for “I’m afraid I won’t be any good at it and I don’t want people making fun of me —  especially my brothers.”  We each have taken turns marketing this ski trip as another adventure – AWE –  Adventure With Engagement, just as the bracelets on our wrists say!  Adventure without engagement is . . . well, just another checkmark  in our schedule.

Adventures can be spontaneous – those are the best kind, I think, but you don’t get the most bang for your buck.  And how far do you have to wander to find intrigue in your own home town?  Of course, you’ve got the occasional kid that comes in to say “I’ve decided to jump off that cliff into the water.”  But there is a fine line between spontaneity and insanity.  Parents know the difference, and “No” is quick to fall off our lips.

When we left on our RTW trip with our three guys, we knew no matter how well we prepared, the situations we had carved out for ourselves would provide new challenges.   In the planning phase, there were times when Ron and I looked at each other  wondering if we had the courage it took to ‘hit the slopes.’  But we plugged along, studying, learning, exploring books and Google to find out about the places we were going.

If you have an idea for a family adventure, spend time investigating every aspect of the place you are about to discover.  But don’t spend too much time in the right-hand column of your PROS and CONS list. And before you make your run:

Check the terrain conditions.

Re-check your equipment.

Don’t push – let everyone warm up at their own pace.

Never laugh at somebody, because you’re always next to look foolish.

Never let uncertainty stand in your way.  Parents lead best by example.  Gear up and hit the slopes!  AWE!

Talk Friday!   Dawn.

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