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The Microscope

In the past,  I’ve written about taking a hard look at yourself in the mirror of a videographer.  Today, lets talk about the microscope.


When you are on a world adventure with your family, 24/7, mom and dad have a gracious allowance of time to study their kids under the microscope. (Isn’t that really part of the purpose of family time together?)

As our trip progressed, I unsnapped their ankle monitors and began to enjoy the entertainment.  My boys faced the world bringing with them their unique approaches.  Ron and I sat back and watched them.  And under the microscope we learned:

  1. Our boys see no difference in other people. We are proud of that.
  2. 100_4470

Recently I referred to one of the children in Colton’s classrooms as “that sweet Asian child” – and he looked at me like I had chopped liver for brains.   They didn’t care about the child’s nationality, religion, or political alliance.  Boys talk in simple terms such as soccer balls, footballs, skateboards and stunts.  The language is universal.


Kids adapt more quickly than adults. The younger, the better.

Before we left home, we had studied about places, people, foods, various forms of transportation (from tut tuts to camels), sleeping accommodations (we chose hostels)  and the ever- dependable but not always well-received “UYOLTGT”  (Use Your Own Legs To Get There.)    Despite a few meltdowns, they adapted beautifully.

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  1. Under the microscope we discovered Colton’s love for little children and babies especially. We experienced Trenton’s non-verbal form of communication – his love of sports and physical activity, and enjoyed seeing him interact with others often instigating a game.  And Tyler grew so much on this trip, from a boy to a caring and might I add, tolerant young man.
  2. IMG_5601.jpg

Take your children out of their comfort zone as a family.  Don’t forget to unshackle them.  Microscope or not, sit back and enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

Talk soon!


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