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World travel? Can’t afford it.

“Face it. I can’t afford to take my family on a world adventure.”  (Nasty buzz sound).    Wrong answer.  Save your money.  Clip coupons.  Trim your lifestyle.  And when you hit your goal and people ask you “what are you going to do now?” ditch the “Disney World-response,  (no offense Walt) and buy yourself a ticket around the world.  About $6500 is what we spent. Each.

You’re on your own getting to Disney.   Walt will charge you $6480 at the Polynesian bungalow for 4 nights, 4 people.  We traveled the world for  180 days, but you won’t want to stay at Disney as long cause it’ll cost you $291,600.

Choose China.  We stayed 4 nights, six of us, for under  $200.  The hostels are fabulous. (The hostel we stayed in Xi’an was rated #1 in the world).

A Five-day pass to Disney is $393 adults and $372 children. Park food is pricey. All you can eat dumplings in China, cost $5 for six of us.  And ‘yes’ we did get tired of dumplings.  But rice, chicken, pork and vegetables are standard and reasonable.

In India, your kids, sisters, aunts and grandmas’ souvenirs could run you as much as 60 cents for a pair of sandals, sans the Disney mouse ear logo.   What I’m telling you is you can do this.  We did.  Stay with me here.  I’ll give you more tips Tuesday.

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