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You spent how much??

Thirty-second summer recap:  Start, now!   Memorable family vacation?

Awkward side-stories that get funnier each time they are remembered? Good!  Now, how much money did you spend doing that? If you had to do it over again, would you?

Was your family trip an AWE trip, or just a get-away?  Mom’s know ‘the beach’ usually means just another kitchen and laundry location.  We have always looked back much more fondly at our Adventures With Engagement–traveling to unknown places with our family-than the long beach naps under the protection of umbrellas and 50 SPF sunscreen.     Nothing wrong with sand and sun, but those memories tend to fade faster than tans.

We’ve already told you the story of traveling with our family through thirty-two countries for six months.  We had an ulterior motive in ‘telling you.’  We hoped you would consider giving your family an adventure of a lifetime like we did.  If the idea still finds you stuck in neutral, consider putting yourself in gear with these facts: We spent about $6500 pp on each RTW airfare and came away with more than a sunburn,  T-shirt and a faded glo-stick;  we got a priceless education and memories carved indelibly into our souls.

Next year consider pulling a Hirn and hitting a new location —  like China, where you will spend under $200 six people for four nights, and dinner of fresh dumplings for six was about $5.  Trying pulling that off at Burger King!

It’s not too early to begin planning your trip now.    Half the fun is the anticipation of the places you will visit.  And you have built-in educational opportunities.  Make it a family goal:  Save your money.  Clip coupons.  Cut back on eating out and buying junk.

Wales Coast copy.jpg

Save your $$ and build a bit of AWE into your trip!


2 thoughts on “You spent how much??

  1. DAWN. You are soul and inspiration to thousands who have lost themselves in the process of disengagement for fear’s sake. So what did you do? More than advising, ordering, or explaining. You did it. Became your message. You all survived, thrived, and surprised us with your magnetized hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits. You proved that love doesn’t put everything at rest; it puts everything in motion. You bless us with Brave Journeys. And God blesses us through your ever-changing kaleidoscopic Wonder. -kenny

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